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CherryHill Orchards

CherryHill Orchards Custom eCommerce Solution
Cherryhill Orchards

CherryHill Orchard is located in the Wandin Valley, Victoria and is well known for the juiciest cherries in Melbourne. Their website allows customers to buy fresh cherries delivered to their front door, purchase tickets for cherry picking and get some yummy refreshments from their shop onsite like their famous cherry ice-cream and other alcoholic and none alcoholic refreshments.

CherryHill required a custom eCommerce solution due to the complexity of their products with many rules around delivery of their fruit within Australia and automating the orders and packing process, developing a ticketing module and ticketing validation App.

Cherryhill Orchards

Multiple Products - One Checkout

CherryHill sell an interesting range of products, including Tickets for Cherry picking in the Orchards, and also Group Booking Packages, as well as fresh fruit and also both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. There are also provisions for corporate orders, with volume discounts, and promotion codes for all sorts of different order types. This flexibility gives CherryHill full control of the checkout process, and the opportunity for upselling tickets or beverages during a fresh cherry checkout, and much more. The entire checkout process was designed to work on all devices, from a smartphone to a desktop PC.

CherryHill iPad

Automating the ordering and packing process

Dispatching hundreds of boxes of cherries each day meant that CherryHill Orchards required automating their packing process as much as possible. As part of the shipping calculation, the website determines what can be packed together, and not only prints packing lists, but also packing slips, and delivery labels. When the deliveries are all packed, they are scanned by a barcode on the delivery label, which both tells the system that package is shipped, and links it with the shipping tracking number.  This not only saves the staff hours of time, but more importantly records what was sent, and allows them to quickly follow up on any discrepancies.

Barcode Reader
CherryHill iPad2
CherryHill Orchards desktop

Dedicated 1 page website x 2

CherryHill offer a range of healthy drinks. To enhance the brands we created a 1 page website for Cherry Vive a healthy cherry nectar drink and Cherish Spritzer a refreshing sparkling cherry drink ideal for summer. You can click on the images to view the websites.

Cherry Vive - Cherry Nectar, Pure Australian cherry nectar. All natural - it’s as healthy as it is delicious!
Cherish Spritzer, refreshing cherry drink for summer

Ticketing module and ticket validation App

Operating in a rural area provided CherryHill with some challenges when validating tickets, while not having a reliable connection to the internet. We worked with CherryHill to build a Ticket solution that allowed the tickets to be validated off-line, and then once back in range the data would be synchronised. This keeps customers flowing through the gates smoothly, even for people who purchased tickets while waiting in-line to enter the Orchards.

Mobile Ticket validation app on iPhone

Cherryhill home full

The CherryHill Orchard Experience

Cherish Spritzer
Cherry Whit Beer
High Branch 8% Cider
Tracktor bg
Cherry Vanilla Porter
Cherry Vive Juice

We enlisted MODD to give our website a complete overhaul, which included a custom designed online store. The team at MODD have helped us streamline our online process; from when the customer places an order through to the completion of dispatch in our packing shed. We will continue to improve our online system with the assistance of MODD and look forward to working with them next cherry season!

Gina Wessel - Cherryhill Orchards

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