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Alternative for Adobe's Business Catalyst

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Needing help to migrate to a new web platform because of the Business Catalyst end of life?

[BC 2004 -2020 / AD 2021]

The announcement of Adobe's end of life for (BC) Business Catalyst CMS web platform has left many users in shock, and in a dilemma of what to do next. 

The problem many BC website owners are facing is finding another CMS web platform that has the same power & functionality as Business Catalyst. If you're using all the features in BC then this will not be an easy task as there are few options available unless you have a large budget. 

We believe we have the answer for you! 

We have developed our own in-house CMS call Udo (you do) that is affordable and packed with the power & features to cover your BC migration needs. We are experienced web designers who can help migrate your website content from business catalyst into your new website helping minimise the impact on your business.

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Specialising in webpage design and online ordering portals for Print Businesses providing an easy to use solution for your customers to order their printing needs online.

Looking for a local webpage design company. Someone you can meet, talk to and bounce off ideas, support you and your website and help make it a success!

Why Udo is a good alternative to Adobe's Business Catalyst!

We have all the features of BC Business Catalyst + more! 

Udo is ideal for all types of websites whether a simple standard brochure style site or something that is more complex and content-heavy.

Need to sell products or services online, b2c or b2b solutions. Udo is a  flexible bespoke eCommerce solution with a completely editable and flexible cart process to add upselling steps and a email marketing module. Whatever you're after Udo is packed with features that will help you feel safe about transferring your website from Business Catalyst to the Udo.

Popular Features


  • Add & edit Pages 
  • Email Marketing Module
  • Powerful Content Filters
  • Software Integrations 
  • API or CVS Data Feeds
  • Google & Facebook Feeds
  • Blogs & News 
  • Events
  • Exhibitions
  • Web App development
  • Full Layout Design 
  • Full Site Settings Control
  • Select Fonts & Colours
  • Sales Funnel Design
  • Easy Form Builder
  • Drag & drop images, videos & text 
  • Click and edit text
  • SEO Booster (SEO friendly)
  • Mobile device friendly
  • Support including phone, email and ticketing
  • Popup Forms & Info
  • Subscribe Forms
  • Upload Files
  • Membership Portal
  • Intranet Capable


  • Powerful eCommerce solution
  • Physical Products
  • Virtual Products
  • Subscriptions
  • Multi variables
  • Multi pricing levels 
  • Product catalogues
  • Flexible Cart Process
  • Cross Sell / Up Sell
  • Promo codes
  • Cart conditions
  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Ticketing + Validation App
  • Events management
  • Auto Transaction emails

Phone, email & ticketing.
Call us on 1300 836 932 to discuss how we can help you.

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Modd BC page
Easy to use Drag & Drop Click an Edit Technology
MODD - Software Intergration
Just some of the Software Integrations so far

Compare BC & Udo

  Business Catalyst Udo CMS
Site Design    
Web Forms
Secure Zones
Content Holders
Site Search
System Emails
System Pages
URL Redirects
HTML & Javascript Code
Click & Edit  
Layout Design  
Drag & Drop images & Videos  
Select Fonts  
Choose Colour Scheme  
History Version Control  
Save Draft  
Dashboard & Webstats  
SEO Booster  


  Business Catalyst Udo CMS
Email Marketing
Email Lists
Secure Zones
Photo Galleries
Social Media
Media Downloads
CRM Coming soon
Content Filters  


  Business Catalyst Udo CMS
Creating Products
Importing Products
Displaying & Customising Products
Create Feature Products
Advanced Product Features
Manage Inventory
Product Search
Export Product & Customer Data
Hide and Show Prices
B2B & B2C 
Images & Galleries
Product Rules
Status Out of Stock
Product API Feeds Push and Pull  
Product Groups  
Related Products  


  Business Catalyst Udo CMS
Products (all Types)
Discount Codes
Gift Vouchers
Affiliate Programs
Payment Gateways
Cart & Checkout
Orders & Invoices
Picking Slip
Edit Orders
Artwork Product  
Ticket Validation App  
Flexible Cart Process  
Upsell in Cart  


  Business Catalyst Udo CMS
Site Settings    
Company Information
Site Domains
Email Users
Admin Users
User Roles
Mobile Device Friendly
RSS Channels
Data Feeds  
Open API  
Theme Configuration  
Google Maps API  
Google Analytics & Tag Manager  
Cart Order Settings  
Site Verification  
URL Re-direct Rules  


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