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CRVS Knowledge Gateway

A Melbourne University & Bloomberg Philanthropies Data for Health Initiative Improving global health systems with more reliable birth, death and cause of death data.

CRVS Knowledge Gateway

About CRVS Gateway

CRVS - civil registration and vital statistics

CRVS Knowledge Gateway is a Bloomberg Philanthropies Data for Health Initiative with the aim of Improving global health systems with more reliable birth, death and cause of death data. Improving the availability and accuracy of global health data is one of the greatest opportunities to help people live longer, healthier lives. The more we know about causes of death and illness, the better we can target resources and measure progress. 

The Problem

CRVS Knowledge Gateway required an easy to use CMS. They were advised to build a bespoke CMS due to the website requirements and not being an off the shelf solution available. They quickly found the limitations of this bespoke CMS were impacting their business model. The ability to keep the website updated wasn't as easy as it should and the CMS was very limited to what they could actually update. It became an expensive exercise to create and develop new functionality when required and this was not sustainable moving forward.

CRVS Knowledge Gateway3

The Solution

When we first meet with Melbourne University we were given the opportunity to demonstrate our CMS Udo. The purpose of this meeting was to show we had all the functionality they required and more already even though there were many bespoke components needed. The Udo platform is extremely flexible and easy to fit into any business model or requirements. To add new functionality or system integration can be easily done at any time. The team at CRVS were able to take advantage of the drag and drop functionality including dragging images, videos and text straight into the pages making site population quick with the ability to take full control of different content types. The Udo platform comes with many standard features like accordions, faq's, content filters, galleries, panels and columns and a powerful form builder,  With the Udo platform they will also be able to take full control of how the content looks and displays, the site layouts, design, colours and fonts.  The website was designed with a powerful internal search engine allowing visitors to easily find exactly what they were looking for quickly. 

CRVS Kknowledge Gateway mobile2 view

Responsive in design - Mobile friendly

There were important criteria to consider for the website build, for example, all the different devices used (laptops, tablets and mobiles) and countries from all around the world using the website using different technologies and internet access. These requirements included a secure online environment and backup system,  fast site speed, responsive in design and mobile device friendly, cross-browser and search engine optimised, multi-level admin roles, ongoing support and a robust and secure hosting platform.

CRVS Knowledge Gateway iPad view

Learning Centre Topics & Quiz Section

The CRVS Knowledge Gateway allows you to test your knowledge in their learning centre.  Read the information supplied in the topics area and then test yourself with their dynamic quizzes. As a visitor, you can create an account, save your topics of interest and quizzes that you have done and then view them at a later time to revise the information and even redo the tests again if necessary.

CRVS management can create new topics and quizzes via the admin or update and edit existing ones at any time.  

CRVS Gateway Full page

Ross and his team at MODD are fantastic to work with and their customer service is super quick and thorough. MODD's CMS platform, Udo, has been a game-changer for my team, enabling us to take the reins to quickly and easily customise our site to fit our exact needs. I recommend MODD highly.

Alison Hickerson - Bloomberg Philanthropies Data for Health Initiative

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