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BVIQ - Bulk Vessel Inspections APP

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BVIQ - Bulk Vessel Inspection Questionnaire APP is a product of Mer-Solutions. They are an independent inspection company delivering a date stamp of the ship's condition at that time. The APP was built to save time and to collate all the data for bulk vessel inspections to help benchmark the industry. The BVIQ web APP allows inspectors to dynamically add live data to avoid the double handling of data entry.

BVIQ Bulk Vessel Inspection Questionnaire

The bulk vessel inspection questionnaire APP (BVIQ) was about saving time and creating a benchmark for the industry. The independent data captured is crucial across the industry for analysis and to help keep high standards. BVIQ examines and reports on the condition of the ships delivering global commerce. BVIQ gives Shippers, Charterers and Ship Managers relevant and date-stamped information they need to manage their risk in the maritime environment.

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