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Auto Atelier

Liquid Polymer Nanotechnology to give your car an unparalleled, showroom finish.

Advanced Water-less Car Cleaning Products

Auto Atelier is the ultimate water-less car cleaning system - it enables you to keep your car in immaculate condition and also protects it from the harmful effects of the environment. You can literally clean your car anywhere and take your car washing system with you wherever you go – this is a makeup kit for your car!

Auto Atelier

Easy to use and Flexible eCommerce Solution

A slick modern eCommerce solution targeting car enthusiasts who want to keep their special car in showroom condition, whether it be a Ferrari, Audi or Hyundai Auto Ateliers advanced car cleaning products are ideal for them. When creating the website it needed to appeal to all car owners and is an important part of their marketing and business model especially since the business is online only. Auto Atelier can easily add products, text, images, videos just by dragging into the pages, edit orders, mark as shipped and add tracking numbers, offer refunds, integrate with any payment gateway required and send out a marketing email message from the one system. Life is to easy.  

Auto Atelier mobile view

Anywhere anytime!

Obviously, we all live busy lives so it was very important for the website to be easy to use on all devices especially due to the business being online only.  Vistors can purchase the range of products from anywhere and anytime as you would expect in today's online world. 

Auto Atelier iPad view

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