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Abbin Engineering

Abbin Engineering is a sheet metal and tube fabrication company based in Melbourne.

Abbin Engineering were looking to update their website and bring it into the 21st century with a modern mobile friendly design. They offer a range of sheet metal and tube fabrication services and work for multiple industries including commercial furniture and the electrical industry. An important part of the brief was to keep their organic Google ranking and then improve on this through introducing new keywords to help increase lead generation.  In the short time of their new website being live their google ranking has improved and will continue to do as time goes by. 

ABBIN Engineering
Abbin  iPad3
ABBIN Engineering Mobile view
Abbin Engineering full page view

Abbin has increased its customer base by 20% all related to our web site. Customers are impressed with the site and comment on how user friendly it is. Ross and the team at MODD delivered a professional product that more than exceeded our expectations

Joan Allen - ABBIN

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