Why is Content
Marketing important?


The world of advertising has changed, and so too must our marketing approach. Consumers long ago tuned out the traditional forms of marketing, such as television commercials, magazine ads, and snail mail circulars. Even the more recent trend of banner advertisements and buttons that magically transfer them from the website they are visiting to a page describing the advertisers tantalizing new product have all but become obsolete. Today's average Internet surfer has become so adept at browsing the web that they can easily research and take in the web content they are interested in while barely even casting a glance at the glaring banner ad placed strategically at the top of the page. 

As a result of the constant shift in consumer behaviour, today's marketers must be one step ahead of their potential clients. They must adopt marketing techniques that will not only catch the attention of their clearly-defined audience, but also hold their attention and create interest with valuable information. Since traditional marketing methods are no longer effective, what is the solution?

The Answer

Content marketing is the answer to today's advertising dilemma. A smart marketer must become an expert at providing valuable content to a clearly-defined audience. This strategic marketing approach is applied in an effort to drive traffic to a website and ultimately result in profitable customer action. Essentially, it is the art of customer communication without the selling slant. For marketers who have become accustomed to the direct approach of selling a product or service through traditional marketing methods, this may at first be a challenge. The direct selling approach is no longer as effective as it was in the days before web surfing and Internet browsing. Today, you must indirectly sell your product or service to a potential customer by providing them with quality information that heightens their awareness and intelligence of your product while strategically convincing them that they need it. The concept behind this strategy is the belief that if you deliver consistent, quality content of relevance to your customers, they will reward you with their business and loyalty.

Writing content that will result in profitable customer action is essential to the success of this type of marketing strategy. Web content must be geared directly to a clearly-defined audience and meet the following requirements to be successful:

  • Relevance
    The content must be relevant to your potential customer's needs. If a consumer clicks on a link to your website, they are not likely to stick around for long if the information provided rambles on about a topic unrelated to what they were searching for. The content must be of value to the customer.
  • Consistency
    Don't just post sporadically. Post weekly or daily to your website or blog so your customers will see you as a credible, reliable brand they can count on. Consistent marketing is also likely to increase your traffic flow and index rating, resulting in more sales.
  • Evergreen
    While trending content is important, the majority of what you write should be evergreen. Don't just appeal to what's hot right now, write evergreen content that will be relevant year after year and continue to bring in traffic. Keep in mind that this content can also be re-purposed in a new way at a later date to appeal to consumers who may not have seen it previously.

Why is it Important?

Now that you understand what good content marketing is, why is it important for your business? To understand this, however, you must first comprehend the basic four steps of the buying cycle:

  1. Awareness
    While a customer may have a specific need for a product or service, they may not be aware it exists. It is up to you to provide this awareness.
  2. Research
    Once a consumer becomes aware of a product or service, they will conduct research in an effort to learn about it and find the best solution.
  3. Consideration
    After researching solutions, the customer begins to compare various products from a variety of businesses in order to make sure they are getting the best value.
  4. Buy
    Finally, a purchase is made.

Quality writing and marketing skills are essential to the first two steps. Raising awareness about your product or service and supplying information at the consumer's fingertips may just lead to a sale.

While it is important that you become an expert at content marketing in order to thrive in today's online world, good writing simply cannot be forced. Try writing at different times of the day, in various areas, and even in a variety of positions until you find something that is comfortable for you and feeds your creative juices. Some think and write more clearly sitting at a desk, while others may find they do their best work sitting on the couch with their feet propped up in a chair. The fact is, however, we are not all writers. Whether you lack the necessary skills or simply don't have the time, hiring a freelancer skilled at writing content for the web may be beneficial. Don't sacrifice website traffic and potential customers because your content is lackluster.

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