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How to make my website
mobile friendly?


How to make my website mobile friendly?


There are 2 main options here.

  1. Convert your old website to be responsive in design by altering the existing HTML and CSS style sheets. To do this you will need an expert coder and it is not always a simple process. This may also depend on the age and technology used and whether the original design and layout would work for mobile devices.
  2. Take this opportunity to design and develop a new responsive website with mobile devices in mind. It allows you to re-think the way customers engage with your website and to identify the main call to action to increase the conversion rate and return on investment.

To help decide what is the best option here are few factors to consider first:

  • How old is your website?
    Generally if your website is more than 3 years old you may want to consider a new website and take advantage of the new technologies out there. It can be easier to redevelop sometimes than trying to work with old technology.
  • The existing design
    Will the existing design and layout be adaptable for mobile phones.
  • How big is your website?
    This may also be factor worth considering, is it time to cull old information that is out of date and create new content.  Mobile sites need to be concise, minimal and to the point.
  • How do your customers use your website?
    To be mobile friendly we need to re think how our customers interact with the website. Can we identify the main reasons for visiting the website and highlight those areas and bring them to the forefront.
  • Adding new functionality
    Is it time to add that new area to your website or functionality that your customers have always been asking for?


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